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Health costs

The harmful effects of smoke from firewood cooking on human (mainly women’s) health is widely documented. In the slums, the radiated heat from the firewood stoves is another contributor to poor health and there are frequent accidents and injuries.


Equal Fuel Cost

Remarkably, the cost of firewood for cooking and gas for cooking is equal, at about AU$20 per month.


Time consuming

The time impact is significant. Women spend four to six hours a day attending to fires and cooking. Many girls have to leave school to help their mothers collect wood. Cutting down on this time means girls can stay in school longer.


The barrier

The capital cost of the gas bottle, regulator and stove at around AU$55 is prohibitive and not within the meagre budget of these people, who struggle to pay for rent, food, electricity and other essentials.


Dignity and social impact

Smoke, heat, injuries and time spent are detrimental to not only health – they also negatively affect the ability to find work, the education of children, and people’s dignity. Smelling of wood smoke is a stigma associated with poverty and many residents expressed their shame about using firewood for cooking.


Our Solution

Our recipients pay just AU$15 towards the cost of the gas system. Your donation provides the remainder.

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