Kalyanpur Pora Bostee (KPB)

  • KPB is a slum (known locally as a bostee) of 20,000 people living in flimsy shacks made of corrugated steel and bamboo poles.
  • The dwellings average nine square metres, usually just a single room accommodating an average of four people, commonly two parents and two children.
  • The shacks are fragile, uninsulated, without windows, and are blackened by smoke.
  • The people who live there have no security of tenure, so they live in constant fear of eviction.
  • They suffer from over-priced illegal electricity and inadequate water supply and sanitation.
  • The average income for residents is about AU$1,800 per annum.
  • KPB’s residents lead a life of exclusion and serious material deprivation.