Our Process

Remarkably, the cost of firewood for cooking and gas for cooking is equal, at about AU$15 per month. However, the capital cost of the gas bottle, regulator and stove at AU$55 is prohibitive and not within the meagre budget of these people, who struggle to pay for rent, food, electricity and other essentials.

  • Under our program, the people pay AU$15 towards the cost of the gas system, and donations pay for the remainder.
  • We have an in-country representative named Younus. He was involved in the initial PhD study as an interpreter and is well-known and well-liked by the people of the slum.
  • Younus identifies women who cook with firewood, checks that they have the AU$15 in cash, and then accompanies them to the gas stove supplier.
  • The supplier is located in the slum and already supplies gas systems to residents who can afford them.
  • Younus and the women pay the supplier for the stove and then Younus and the supplier accompany the woman back to her dwelling to install the stove, regulator and gas bottle.
  • We pay Younus about AU$60 a day for his work, funded from donations.