Our Mission:

to improve the lives of Dhaka's slum-dwellers by replacing firewood cooking with gas stoves, one slum at a time

  • The harmful effects of smoke from firewood cooking on human (mainly women’s) health is widely documented.
  • In Kalyanpur Pora Bostee, the radiated heat from the firewood stoves is another contributor to poor health, and there are frequent accidents and injuries.
  • Further, the time impact is significant. Women spend four to six hours a day collecting firewood, attending to fires and cooking.
  • These four impacts (smoke, heat, injuries and time) are detrimental to health, the ability to find work, the education of children, and people’s dignity.
  • Smelling of wood smoke is a stigma associated with poverty and many residents expressed their shame about using firewood for cooking.
  • All women cooking with firewood aspire to gas cooking, which is smoke-free, is safer and requires less preparation time.

Your donation can immediately change the lives of people cooking with firewood