Our team


Chair: Dr Mark Jones

Mark’s PhD study on energy practices and energy justice in this slum was the genesis of this program. Mark is an architect and an Industry Fellow at the University of Queensland School of Architecture.


Secretary: Wendy Truer

Wendy is an urban designer with international experience. She accompanied Mark for his fieldwork in Kalyanpur Pora Bostee, Dhaka.


Treasurer: Claire Hanratty

Claire is a highly experienced CEO of charities in the UK and Australia. She holds an MBA and a Masters in International Relations (Social Impact).


S.M. Younus

S. M. Younus is an experienced research translator. Mark, Wendy and Younus developed a friendship during fieldwork visits to Dhaka across 2016 to 2019. Younus is highly regarded by the community leaders

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Vice-Chair: Karen Perkins

Karen is the Executive Manager of the Faculty of Engineering, Architecture & Information Technology at The University of Queensland. She holds an MBA from the University of London.


Assistant Treasurer: Kate McKeon 

Kate is a qualified accountant and a business owner with a deep experience in the not-for-profit and government sectors.


Marketing Manager: Amy Henderson

Amy is an experienced marketing and fundraising professional currently working in the not-for-profit sector


Andrew Jones

Andrew is an associate with one of Australia’s leading architectural practices