Women's Stories

How is your life better with a gas stove?



It has been great help for me, a lot of advantages. I was sick and pregnant. I was not wanting to cook with the firewood. Getting this cylinder and gas stove I was able to cook, sitting in my room I did all the preparation for cooking. Also, I used to buy and carry a lot of firewood but now I don’t need to.

It saves me from black smoke and now less detergent for cleaning things.

Now everything is less dirty. And no smoke and no heat.


Napur H

It has given me huge benefit; it was very uncomfortable to cook with a baby in your lap in the clay stove. It used to take a long time and was very difficult to cook, what to do should I look after the baby or cook but, now this gas stove is very easy, comfortable and instant cook and serve. Even taking baby in lap you can cook now. It is easy.

Earlier with the clay oven, it took long time, then smoke stain, dirty things used to take long time for cleaning.

Now this gas stove is time saving, we can stay clean, less time spending for washing clothes.

Are you happy with the stove?

Yes very happy.


Napur R

Earlier it was a lot of work to light the oven, heating water was difficult, was a lot of smoke. Now with this gas stove it is swift to light, cook and hitting water. Used to cook in clay stove but now with gas stove now less smoke, often need to heat some water as because I have breathing problem, hot water to drink. Easy to cook food. There are many other things, like if there is a guest you can make some quick food for them, earlier in the rain it was not possible to cook.

Now during the rain, we can cook in the room.

Are you happy getting this stove?

Yes, we are happy.



With clay stove some, some stain, takes long time, it takes a long to only to kindle the stove, whereas to light the gas stove no problem, lot of advantageous at least for me. Huge improvement, I didn’t have a stove, it has been very much helpful for me, like I can cook something very quick, but with the clay stove it was hard. And it was cheap to get. Otherwise with the full price we could not buy it. We can’t afford a gas stove. We live in Bostee. With this cheap price we are beneficial.

Are you happy?

Yes, I am very happy, very happy.



In case of the clay stove, it takes time to kindle it. It is a lot of work to kindle but for the gas stove you just put a match stick and it is on and it cooks quickly. You can do other work. Now I am safe from smoke and smoke stain. I can do other work while cooking a meal, I can even take rest, I am at peace. If I were cooking with the firewood, it would take time, moreover from smoke eyes would swell and hard work, but because of this gas stove it is easy. Quick and happy.

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